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Conditions of registration reminder
A MyAccount account is provided to an external user, only if :
1.     His email address is registered and enabled in the Arrow ECS database.
2.     He is part of an ‘active’ customer in the Arrow ECS database.
An ‘active’ customer is a company which is registered and validated by Arrow ECS.
3.     He has read and accepted the Conditions of use
4.     He is the owner of the email address: a confirmation email is automatically sent to this address to check its owner. 
5.    If his company has a customer administrator defined in the application, he will have to wait until this adminstrator validates his profile
6.     He has defined a valid and secure password
Access and security management
A confirmation email is sent automatically by Arrow ECS every 90 days.

External users have 72 hours to click on the security link in the email to confirm they are the owner of the address. As long as they don’t click, the account will be ‘on hold’